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Duty relief for

imports and exports


Duty relief schemes allow you to pay less or no duty on imports and exports from and to non-EU countries.


If you are importing or exporting in the EU, you won’t have to pay any duty.


Trading outside the EU

Where the EU has a Free Trade Agreement in place with another country you can claim relief through a ‘trade preference’ to pay less or no duty.


There are rules around eligibility for trade preferences.


The rate of duty and the relief depends on the:

  • type of goods

  • country the goods are being exported to

  • country the goods originate in as set by the ‘rules of origin’


To claim a trade preference you need to:

Other duty relief schemes


If you’re importing from or exporting to a country where there is no Free Trade Agreement in place with the EU, you might be able to apply for one of these relief schemes:

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