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Overloading - Truck Trailer Weights - Transporting Goods Through the UK?

In addition to the regulations cited below, from 1 January 1999 the maximum weight limits contained within EU Directive 96/53/EC were adopted by GB as part of the Road Vehicle (Authorised Weight) Regulations 1998 as amended (AWR), statutory instrument number 3111.

The Authorised Weight Regulations operate in parallel to the Construction and Use Regulations but vehicles may only comply with one of the regulations – individual parts of the 2 regulations cannot be combined.

Axle weight: The total weight transmitted to the road by all the wheels on one axle.

Gross Vehicle Weight: The weight of a vehicle and its load.

Train Weight: The weight of a vehicle, a trailer and its load.

Plated Weight: Either the design weight limit given on a manufacturer’s plate or the legal weight limit given on the Department’s plate.

Trailer: Any vehicle drawn by a motor vehicle.

Draw Bar Trailer: A trailer pulled by a rigid vehicle.

Semi Trailer: A trailer forming part of an articulated vehicle.

Articulated Vehicle: A tractor unit with a semi-trailer attached where part of the load is borne by the drawing vehicle.

Legal framework

Road Traffic Act 1988

Road Traffic Act

Maximum weights can be found in sections 7579A and Schedule 11 and 11A of the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 as amended (C&U), Statutory Instrument number 1078.

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