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Customs Freight Simplified Procedures

Goods outside the scope of CFSP

The goods identified below are excluded from CFSP, in other words they must not be included in a consignment covered by a CFSP declaration.

Hydrocarbon oils

They cannot be entered or removed from a customs warehousing using EIDR.

Goods controlled by customs under certain simplified authorisation procedures

Goods that are imported or removed from customs warehouse under special procedure simplified authorisation procedures. (UCC prohibits the use of a SDP in conjunction with a simplified procedure authorisation. CFSP may be used where a specific or full special procedure authorisation is held.)

ATA carnet goods

As the carnet also acts as an entry, goods imported under ATA procedures are not eligible.

Goods removed from a customs warehouse

Any goods removed from a customs warehouse that are exported.

Personal effects

Non-commercial imports and personal effects subject to C3 declarations.

Goods imported or dispatched from North Korea

Goods imported with a country of origin or country of dispatch of North Korea (country code KP) must only be imported using normal import declarations.

Hammad can assist with any issue arising out of legislation surrounding the CFSP.


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