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Brexit - No Deal - Customs Process Relating To Temporary Storage Operators

A No Deal Brexit is possible and a prudent business must be prepared for every eventuality. HMRC have confirmed that Businesses that trade with the EU will broadly follow the same customs controls as businesses trading with the rest of the world – so they will need to adapt their business to comply with these systems, processes and controls.

Customs processes will change

Trade with the EU will broadly follow the same customs controls as trade with the rest of the world, so the status of EU goods will change.

You can expect importers of goods from the EU to want to have their goods placed into a temporary storage facility before being placed under a customs procedure or re-exported.

You will need to treat these EU goods in the same way as you currently treat goods from the rest of the world.

As a temporary storage operator you are responsible for physically accepting and releasing the goods into and out of the temporary storage facility, and for collecting data into the temporary storage stock account record on the physical arrival of the goods into the premises.

You may therefore need to adjust the way you use and manage your temporary storage facility. You may also need to talk to your software supplier so that any changes are in place to reflect these requirements – and you should be prepared to support new customers who have not previously dealt with customs matters.

You will also need to consider whether your temporary storage facility has sufficient space to continue to meet your requirements.

Actions you can take now

  1. Assess the impact of any increased demand from third party depositors, or requirements of your own business, and whether you would need to recruit and train additional staff.

  2. Consider whether you need to make any changes to your #customs authorisations, and if you do, make early contact with the appropriate unit to ensure there is sufficient time for the changes to be made.

  3. The passport rules for travel to most countries in Europe will change if the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 without a deal - ensure that you are aware of the rules.

Should you have any questions in relation to customs warehousing, temporary storage or any other relief offered under the Customs and Excise Legislation then you may contact Hammad for assistance.


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